Rob Barton

Mortgage Planner

If you have a mortgage, a credit card a store card and/or personal finance, you have a Loan Portfolio and chances are, it’s costing you a lot more MONEY than it should. Helping you put your money back in your pocket is my mission.

I’m Rob Barton, and as a fully qualified Mortgage Planner, I work with your entire Debt Portfolio and show you how to structure your loans effectively to achieve the outcomes you want.

Because I work for you, not the lender, I can show you how to drastically improve your monthly cashflow while at the same time pay off your debt faster. 

In fact, I can usually determine exactly how much you can put back in your pocket within 15 minutes.

Nearly everyone has a few unrelated loans hanging around and most tend to be unstructured and taken out at different times for different reasons. 

For many of my clients, this has left them with multiple repayment schedules that don’t reflect the way they actually want to pay off their debt and it often leaves them with cashflow stress.

Now, because loans are designed to work for the lender, they believed there was nothing they could do to improve this and so, had taken a set and forget approach.

Well this is where I come in.

I’ve developed a process called a Mortgage Makeover that allows me to identify exactly how much money my clients can put back in their pockets each month. 

Typically, these savings add up to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month. That’s Thousands of Dollars going back in Your pocket and not into the banks excessive profits.

If you’d like to regain complete control of your Loan Portfolio, I would love to help.

Spend just 15 minutes on the phone with me and I will show you exactly how much your bank is costing you right now.

Sahil Saini

Mortgage Planner

I’m a fully qualified Mortgage Planner with over 30 banks on my panel. I work with your entire Debt Portfolio and will show you how to structure your loans effectively to achieve the outcomes you want.

I specialise in clients with complex structures, be it sole traders, trusts, partnerships or companies, leveraging my previous accounting skill set and I am always happy to help those with simpler requirements as well.

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