An offset account is like an everyday bank account that is linked to your home loan. You can put money into it, such as your regular income and savings and withdraw money too. Putting money into an offset account is like making additional mortgage repayments – except you can conveniently redraw the money using a debit card as if it were a daily transaction account.

The Benefits

Save on Interest

The more you put into your offset account, the faster you will pay off your loan. This is because interest on your loan is calculated daily, so the more you have sitting in your offset account on any given day, the less interest you’ll be charged.

Up to ten offsets per loan

Depending on the lender, you can have anywhere from one to ten offset accounts on a loan. This helps to manage your funds easier in different accounts.

Debit Mastercard® access

Conveniently redraw funds from your offset account with a debit card, similar to an everyday bank account.


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